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Principles of Funding for Criteria

Focus of the SATS Foundation

The purpose of SATS Foundation is to support underprivileged individuals in enhancing their well-being, building their independence, and promoting their development and re-integration to their communities. It aims to do so through the following thrusts:

Enabling People to Change

Through support for individuals and families in need;

Empowering People to Achieve

Through training and other initiatives to enhance likelihood of realising their aspirations;

Rebuilding Lives

Through support for disadvantaged individuals, families or communities to re-integrate into society, and, for retirees in their transition to their 2nd career.

SATS Foundation aims to partner with non-profit organisations (with IPC status) and support them to develop and run programmes that are in line with our three thrusts of Enabling People to Change, Empowering People to Achieve, and Rebuilding Lives.

Broad Criteria for Selection of Partners and Programmes
Impact of Programme

The programme must address a significant need and have clear and measurable outcomes. Higher priority may be given to programmes that serve areas where:

Feasibility of Programme

The programme must be outcome-driven and is feasible given the available funds and the capability of the implementing organisations.

Capability of Partners

The organisations should be established Institutions of Public Character (IPC) with the ability to identify needs and to develop, implement, monitor and review programmes. They must apply the outcomes-focused approach and be committed to monitoring progress and adjusting programmes as needed.

Priority of Funding

As there are many meaningful causes to support, SATS Foundation will not be able to support all programmes outside of our priorities. In particular, we will give less priority to:

Potential for Volunteerism

SATS Foundation aims to provide volunteer opportunities to build the spirit of volunteerism. Programmes that allow for volunteer participation will be given higher priority.

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