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Ng Eng Boon: Senior Manager, Warehouse, Country Foods

Ng Eng Boon: Senior Manager, Warehouse, Country Foods

Growing and learning with SATS

Starting out as a General Clerk, Eng Boon has come a long way in his journey with us. Working his way up to become a Senior Manager, he now manages a team of 60 employees.

A big believer in the value of lifelong learning, he built his career by continuously upgrading his skills and knowledge at every opportunity. Over the years, constant learning has enabled him to stay relevant and productive while growing professionally.

His learning experiences spanned varied topics, ranging from technical Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification courses to those in digital technology, finance and leadership.

A positive influence on others

Beyond that, he has also been a positive influence on his team and colleagues. As a mentor, Eng Boon actively encourages others to embrace technology and self-improvement such as taking English language courses to improve communication skills. 

When I learn new skills, the teams and people I work with benefit too. By expanding my knowledge and growing my capabilities, I can make more value-added and impactful contributions. Learning is truly a lifelong process and you can never go wrong wanting to know more.

In 2019, Eng Boon was one of 28 individuals to receive the SkillsFuture Fellowship from Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob, an accolade that honours those who pursue skills mastery and mentorship of others.

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