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Yasser Bin Yusoff: Cargo Officer, SATS

Yasser Bin Yusoff: Cargo Officer, SATS

Creating technology-driven solutions

After graduating with a diploma in Civil Aviation in 2014, Yasser Bin Yusoff joined SATS as a Cargo Officer. Today, he is part of the Cargo Systems Team that develops and implements innovative solutions designed to serve the needs of our customers.

The projects that he has been involved in include the creation of the next generation cargo terminal handling & management system, COSYS+. COSYS+ not only supports hub operations in Singapore, but seamlessly connects all our overseas cargo joint ventures, forming a digital cargo network that provides unrivalled end-to-end visibility for our customers.

Keeping up with a fast-paced industry

Recognising that he needed to upgrade his skills and knowledge in order to stay relevant in a dynamic and evolving industry, he requested to further his education.

With his bosses’ support and SATS’ co-sponsorship, Yasser is currently pursuing a part-time degree in Bachelor of Applied Science Aviation at SIM Global Education. 



I’m proud to be part of the aviation industry and to be working at SATS. Having a job that challenges me in an industry that’s incredibly exciting is an adrenaline rush for me. It keeps me on my toes every day and drives me to constantly do my best for our customers!