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Request for Proposal – Autonomous Guided Vehicle for SATS Food Services Pte Ltd

Closing Date:  28 Dec 2020, 1200 hours Singapore Time

Availability of Tender Documents                                                                                Tenderers are requested to download the Tender Documents from the SATS Website: http://www.sats.com.sg

Schedule of Events:



Tender Publication

4 Dec 2020

Project Briefing

NIL. Vendor to write in to request, if deemed necessary.

Questions from Vendors

7 -17 Dec 2020

SATS’s Responses to Questions

8 – 18 Dec 2020

Submission of Proposal

28 Dec 2020 at 1200 Hours Singapore Time

Vendor Presentation (onsite at SATS Premises) - tentative

29 - 30 Dec 2020

Appointment of Vendor(s)

Shall not be more than three (3) months after Submission of Proposal

1 Request for Proposal_AGV for SFS

2 Non Disclosure Agreement_AGV for SFS

3 Maintenance Contract_AGV for SFS

4 Implementation Contract_AGV for SFS