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Hydraulics hose replacement program for JCPL/MDL and Transporter GSE fleets

Closing on 24Nov2021, 12Noon SGT

For Show Round, pls contact Saravanan Shunmugham @ 97567144 for an assigned slot. This assists in Safe Management Measures (SMM) to reduce gathering size.

All emailed submissions with the published excel file template here as an attachment in your email, must reach the Manager of SATS Procurement Services by 1200 hours (12Noon, SGT) on 24Nov2021. Price Submissions must be emailed in Excel file format using the published excel template to SPS_Procurement@sats.com.sg with both tabs on [Price table] and [Questionnaire] answered. 

Please ensure that our Tender number CT2111Q027, the closing date and your company's full name with Company Registration No. are indicated in the subject line of your email. e.g."CT2111Q027 24Nov2021 ABC company Reg No.12345p 1of2"

For the purpose of confidentiality, please DO NOT copy your email submission to any SATS employees. Late submissions will not be accepted.
All emails must be not exceed 20Mb in size, should you require more than one email; pls name your emails with 1of2, 2of2 accordingly at the end of the subject line.

Thank you and we look forward to your email Submission.

CT2111Q027 Price Table n Questionnaire

CT2111Q027 Hydraulic Hose Replacement requirements

CT2111Q027 Conditions for the provision of Goods n Services