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Maintenance of MHS at AFT1-5 for five years with an option for two years extension

Closing on 28Jan2022, 12Noon SGT

To appoint a Contractor for manpower, tools and materials to perform all Preventive Maintenance and repair works on the various MHS (System) in AFT1-5 (including eCommerce Airhub) to keep the System in good working order, in good condition.
The appointed Contractor is expected to achieve the following:
a) High equipment serviceability rate.
b) Reduce spare parts usage.
c) Maintain the equipment at a presentable state.
d) Complete all minor repair and major repair of critical equipment within 24 hours and major repairs of non-critical equipment within 36 hours.

Uploaded report format and master Agreement on 06Jan2022.

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CT2112Z036 Maintenance and Servicing Agreement 220106

Billing Report n Svc LOG for AFT MHS maintenance

CT2112Z036 Schedule 1 System (Equipment List)

CT2112Z036 Schedule 2-6, 9