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Deadline for registration of interest: 10-Nov-2022, 12 noon (SGT, GMT +8hrs)
RFx event Closing on 16-Nov-2022, 12 noon (SGT, GMT +8Hrs)

SATS Ltd invites tenderers to participate for the multi-disciplinary consultancy services
for the Redevelopment of Abattoir located at 2,6,9 & 11 Buroh Lane, Singapore. This is a open tender, and a single-stage Quality-Fee selection Method (QFM) shall be
used for the Tender. Tenderers shall submit the fee proposal and detailed quality
proposal through SAP ARIBA with SATS.

The multi-disciplinary consultancy team shall include services from the following
professional disciplines:-
a. Architecture (Lead Consultant)
b. Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Engineering
c. Civil & Structural (C&S) Engineering

Should you have any Technical or other participation process related enquires; pls contact Mr Yong HanMing by email.

Pls register your company for the standard free account on ARIBA and visit to participate/submit your Bid (quotes) for these thru the SATS ARIBA online platform. 

For registration into the SATS ARIBA hub; We require your tabulated company details via the "Registration for ITQ" form to William Loh as an attachment in an email.

How to complete Registration: https://support.ariba.com/item/view/195627 & How to set up a regulatory profile for suppliers in Singapore
SATS Ltd Supplier Information Portal (ariba.com)  & ARIBA Network Supplier Training
Event Participation for RFP Guide : https://support.ariba.com/item/view/195626
First Line support for general enquiries & RFP submission.

CT2210Y074 Tender Document

Registration for ITQ (to Bid)