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Supply ICC HYGIENE STORE n other Cleaning Chemicals 

Deadline for registration of interest: 27Mar2023, 12 noon (SGT, GMT +8hrs)
RFx Closing extended to 31March2023, 

Term Supply Contract to In-Flight Catering Center, abattoir and various food preparation facilities within Singapore for 3-years with an Option for 2-yrs extension for Cleaning Chemicals / Agents and Hygiene related requirements.

01April 2023 until 31July2026 for the Firm period
and 01 August 2026 until 31 July 2028 for the Option period

Pls Contact:
Stanley Keng ; Mark Ng Kuan Ming ; HuiEn Ong ; Cindy ChongMH; Catherine Pang ; Siranjivi Sivagar ; Ashley LimHC ; Fong Seng Kiet; HuiWen Liaw
for further details of the individual Product requirements in the ARIBA event Doc641627431

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