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Pleased quote for the above in view  of the attachments:

i. Annex A - Terms and Conditions of Quotation
ii. Annex B - Conditions for the Provision of Goods & Services/works
iii. Annex C - Scope of Work and Price Submission Tables
iv. Annex D - IPT
v. Annex E - Contractor’s Background Information
vi. Annex F - Contractor’s Declaration of Financial Figures

Submissions must be emailed in PDF file format to the secured email account: CPTM_Procurement@sats.com.sg not later than 1200 hours (Noon) on 19 May 2021.

Show round / Briefing
Date/Time : 05 May 2021 / 1100hr
Venue : SATS Maintenance Centre
34 Changi North Crescent, Singapore 499614
Contact :Mr Eric Ng at Mobile No.: 92323656 email: eric_ngjk@sats.com.sg


2-Annex A-Terms and Conditions of Quotation - 1 Feb 2017

3-Conditions for the provision of Goods & Services w R

4-Annex C1 Job Specification

5-Annex C2-SOW & Price Driver Cabin

6-Annex C3-SOW & Price Vanbody

7-Annex C4 spares Price

8-Annex D - IPT

9-Annex E Background

10-Annex F Declarations