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Cargo MHS utility equipment: slave pallets and pallet racks

Deadline for registration of interest: 09May2022, 12 noon (SGT, GMT +8hrs)
RFx Closing on 01 June 2022, 12Noon SGT

Fabrication of customized steel structure frames: 
1. MHS Slave Pallet (with railing)
2. MHS Slave Pallet (without railing)
3. Pallet rack (10ft)
4. Pallet rack (20ft)
with Professional Engineer (QP) endorsement and Safe-Working-Load (SWL) required.

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Location address: Changi Airport, 20 Airline Rd, Singapore 819833
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POC Mobile: +65- 92967756


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CW2204Q229 Specifications N requirements updated 23May2022

CW2204Q229 Specifications N requirements

CW2204Q229 1. Slave pallet (with railing) drwg

CW2204Q229 2. Slave pallet (without railing) drwg

CW2204Q229 3. Pallet rack (10ft) drwg

CW2204Q229 4. Pallet rack (20ft) drwg


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