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SICC1 C1-04080 Kitchen wall panels & SICC2 C2-03978 Lamp Post replacement 

Deadline for registration of interest: 26April2022, 12 noon (SGT, GMT +8hrs)
RFx Closing on 10May2022, 12Noon SGT

This Tender (RFx CW2204Q267) consists of Two section/s §: 
A. SICC1 Kitchen Wall Re-Panelling at various locations on level 3 
B. SICC2 replacement of L2 AirSide LAMP POST 
An interested Vendor may bid (make an offer) for any of the above Two divided § sections/projects, or may also bid (submit quotation) for all 2 identified § sections (A) & (B) together.

For 28April2022 Site Show Round, Operational & Technical Queries: pls write in for an assigned slot in our efforts to reduce group gathering size and follow Safe Management Measures (SMM) guidelines.
Location address: 20 Airport Blvd. Singapore 819659
Name of Contact Point: Alvin Tan <Alvin_Tan@sats.com.sg>
POC Mobile: 98467620

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For registration into the SATS ARIBA hub; We require your tabulated company details via the "Registration for ITQ (to Bid)" to William_LohWM@sats.com.sg and to  M Kathiresan as an attachment in an email.

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SICC1 L3 floor plan

CW2204Q267 SICC1 wall panels N SICC2 Lamp Post requirements

Registration for ITQ (to Bid) form