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At SATS, we believe in creating a friendly, stimulating working environment - where individuals are empowered to make improvements for their own personal development as much as for the growth of the business, and where people treat each other with respect.

Employee Development

SATS values all our employees and sees every employee as part of our talent universe. We believe that talent is a dynamic concept that undergoes continuous development. Thus, SATS aims to provide opportunities and support to employees at appropriate junctures, while also encouraging self initiative in personal and professional development.

It is our belief that employees development is the proactive approach towards employees retention and building motivation. Thus, SATS establishes the talent development framework to "make good people better" and to engage and develop our leaders to ensure sustainable growth for SATS.


SATS includes both SATS employees and external individuals in our talent development, where the fundamental principles of assessment, development and support are critical in ensuring success in the framework’s implementation and long term sustainability.

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