SATS Goes Global

SATS’ Proposed Acquisition
of Worldwide Flight Services (WFS)

SATS to Acquire WFS to Become a Leading Global Air Cargo Handler

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SATS on 28 September 2022 announced a proposed acquisition of WFS, the world’s largest air cargo handling firm, to create a global leader in the aviation services sector. This strategic acquisition will advance SATS’ twin-engine growth strategy, expanding its network and capabilities in Asia and globally, while continuing to strengthen its Singapore core.

Led by SATS, the combined group will have a greater ability to capitalise on growth across the cargo supply chain, and benefit from stronger demand for eCommerce and specialised cargo handling.

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Accelerating Growth for SATS

  • Expansion of network and capabilities into strategic hubs in Europe and the US, and foundational positions in complementary new growth markets in Latin America and Africa.
  • Transaction is expected to immediately financially accretive, raising earnings per share by 78% from 1.8 Singapore cents as reported in FY2022 to 3.2 cents on a proforma basis, and increasing FY2022 proforma revenue by more than 200%.


FY2022 Proforma Revenue

3.2 cents

FY2022 Proforma Earnings Per Share
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Strengthening Business Resilience

At the heart of global trade flows, operating in the world’s busiest airports, and supporting the biggest companies.

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Scaling up Digitalisation and ESG

A comprehensive global network, delivering a greater impact for the environment, our people, and the communities in which we operate.

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SIAS-SATS Dialogue Presentation

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