We continually review our sustainable business strategy to improve stewardship and reporting format.

Building a sustainable business requires a collective, coordinated effort across all levels of the organisation, from leaders to employees. Our Chief Sustainability Officer has formed a Sustainability Council comprising representatives from relevant parts of the SATS group.

What matters to us and our stakeholders

ESG Material issues

We recognise the importance of reviewing our business strategy regularly, with inputs from our stakeholders, in order to identify the most pertinent risks and opportunities.

Re-examining and reprioritising our material issues is an essential step for us to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Develop Smart Infrastructure

Materials Waste Energy Efficiency & Transformation
Carbon Emissions Resource Scarcity
Changing Sustainability Regulations

Reduce Food and Packaging Waste

Food waste Food Security & Food
Resource Scarcity Health and Well-being of Consumer
Sustainable Sourcing and Transparency in Supply Chains Food Innovation & Technology
Changing Sustainability Regulations

Nurturing Skills for the Future

Skilled LabourCybersecurity
Changing Aviation MarketsGeopolitical Instability
Changing Sustainability Regulations
Our Sustainability Framework

Our unwavering commitment to Sustainability

Task Force on
Climate-related Disclosures

The increasing focus on climate change has resulted in calls for a transition to a lower-carbon economy. In FY2021-22, we followed the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures’ (TCFD) process to develop climate scenarios to better understand the Company’s exposure to the risks and opportunities of climate change. We will continue to strengthen our climate reporting in accordance with TCFD recommendations.

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GRI Content Index

The GRI Standards have been strengthened so they deliver the highest level of transparency for impacts on the economy, environment and people, with a major update to the very foundation of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting standards, the Universal Standards, and the introduction of the first GRI Sector Standard.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

We map material topics to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), and continually review our sustainable business strategy to improve our stewardship and reporting format.

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How we live our purpose through feeding and connecting communities

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