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Hamidah Bte Mohd Salleh: Operations Assistant (Lost & Found), SATS

Hamidah Bte Mohd Salleh: Operations Assistant (Lost & Found), SATS

From digital transformation to personal growth

For more than two decades, Hamidah was an Administrative Assistant in the Baggage Department, handling and processing manual paperwork.

In July 2017, SATS embarked on a process of digital transformation, digitalising work processes for greater efficiency and impact. This also resulted in the evolution of existing roles and the creation of new ones.

Along with these changes, Hamidah was offered the opportunity to take on a new frontline passenger handling role under the Redeployment Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Ground Operations Officers.

Readily embracing change

After six months of training, she is now an Operations Assistant (Lost & Found), effectively using new technologies to serve passengers. An example is iTrek, a mobile device that helps staff to track and trace baggage.

Through the PCP and with plenty of support from the company, Hamidah had the opportunity to re-skill herself and take on a new position successfully. Besides professional growth, she also acquired soft skills and became a more confident person in the process. 


I never imagined that I would be able to learn new technology and take on a new role. Today, I’m proud to have the chance to serve our customers directly and to help create a better passenger experience at the airport.