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About Us

FoodFlix is a brand accelerator programme that connects food and beverage brands with the resources to scale and internationalise, through the harnessing of SATS’ capabilities and distribution network. The programme aims to forge partnerships with brand partners, creating new business models whilst supporting our brand partners’ expansion capabilities.

SATS provides culinary consultation and product innovation opportunities for brand partners to adapt and scale recipes that are typically cooked on demand, into various channels such as aviation catering, ready-to-eat meals, and food delivery to consumers with improved consistency and quality.

How We Began

A brand accelerator program christened “FoodFlix” was started through SATS’ corporate venturing arm. As the program evolved, the name was well-loved and the team decided to retain ‘FoodFlix’ as the commercial brand.

The name encapsulates the team's goal of initiating collaborations with F&B brands and local hawkers to pilot branded ready meals to consumers through various channels in a rapidly evolving F&B landscape. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, FoodFlix's role took on an even greater purpose of helping these brands to grow their business amidst the uncertain operating environment due to Covid-related travel and business restrictions.

Our Services