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Seamless Connections

Every day at Changi Airport, one of the world’s busiest and best cargo hubs, SATS is there.

Seamlessly connecting millions of tonnes of cargo from Singapore to the world.

Our experienced and highly trained teams use cutting-edge technology and leading automation systems, powered by six airfreight terminals including an Express Courier Centre.

We ensure continuous commitment to quality and security through Initial, Recurrent and Awareness training on the processing of dangerous goods and our C2K certifications and Cargo 2000 programmes.

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WFS (Worldwide Flight Services)

WFS is now a member of the SATS Group. WFS works closely with airlines, airports, freight forwarders and businesses, and our experienced, passionate and proactive team constantly seek the safest, most efficient way to deliver best-in-class solutions.


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SATS Cargo Portal

Our one-stop web portal provides convenient access to a comprehensive range of services. This includes MAWB track and trace and value-added options such as special handling, eFacilitation and eFulfilment.

Cargo eAcceptance

SATS eFulfilment Platform

Serving a rapidly growing e-commerce market, SATS eFulfilment is a neutral B2C platform that enables shippers and freight forwarders to move e-commerce goods globally in an efficient and seamless manner.

Learn more about SATS and PSA's intermodal cargo solutions here.

Air Cargo personnel scanning cargo label

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SATS eFacilitation Platform

Designed to enable the efficient handling of cargo, SATS eFacilitation Platform provides local forwarders with a suite of solutions including: 

  1. Priority Collection – the consolidation of import shipments from different flights within a specified time frame for collection.
  2. Multi-modal cargo handling – forwarders can outsource the end-to-end handling and processing of physical transhipment cargo from sea to air and vice versa.
  3. OneConnect – a special sea-to-air handling service, which enables forwarders to outsource the end-to-end handling of all physical transhipment cargo.

eAcceptance and eFacilitation Platform

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SATS Tracer

Tracer is a user-friendly, web-based platform that employs RFID tagging technology to provide real-time tracking of air cargo through each stage of the airfreight journey. 

SATS tracer employee checking air cargo on mobile device


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SATS Coolport

SATS Coolport is Asia’s first on-airport perishable handling centre dedicated to the cold chain handling of perishable airfreight for import, export and transhipment in Singapore. 

A purpose-built airfreight terminal, it is equipped with electronic temperature monitoring technology and cold rooms designed to handle commodities with different temperature requirements.  

SATS Coolport pharma handling

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