Feeding and connecting Asia


Food-service Solutions and Distribution

As Asia’s leading food solutions provider, we are passionate about providing quality, sustainable and healthy food to our customers around the region.

Our food-service solutions comprise an extensive list of products from around the world including nourishing soups and sauces, stringently sourced meat and seafood, frozen food, as well as delicious ready-to-eat and ambient meals. 

To meet the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable food solutions, we are constantly enhancing our offerings with the introduction of new and innovative options such as plant-based proteins and sustainable food packaging. 

An expanded sourcing and distribution network through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Country Foods Pte. Ltd (Country Foods) – one of Singapore’s largest food importers, distributors and manufacturers, provides valuable access to markets across the region.

With a Digital Integrated Supply Chain, which provides turnkey solutions with end-to-end logistics, warehousing, sourcing and procurement capabilities, we serve as the ideal one-stop, go-to-market platform for food-service solutions in Asia.


Meat and Seafood

As one of our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Country Foods is the biggest meat importer, distributor and processor in Singapore with more than 1,000 clients and 800 white-label and branded products, including Farmpride and Amir’s. 

In addition to our extensive range of quality meat including Halal-certified frozen poultry, seafood and delicatessen offerings, we also provide a selection of alternative plant-based proteins through brands such as Impossible Foods. 

The use of innovative new ingredients together with our culinary expertise and capabilities enables us to develop new culinary concepts, grow our range of sustainable, premium food products while serving as a springboard for sustainable food businesses across the region.

Seafood & Shellfish

Ready-to-Eat and Ambient Meals

Tasty and nourishing, our range of ready-to-eat and ambient meals feature a diversity of authentic flavours and cuisines, created with responsibly sourced quality ingredients by a dedicated team of dietitians, food technologists and development chefs.

Our ambient meals, in particular, are produced using innovative pasteurisation and sterilisation technology. This results in longer shelf life and improved consistency in taste, quality, and high levels of food safety as well as low levels of wastage.Ambient Meals

Handheld Snacks (Product and Packaging Innovation)

Our wholly owned subsidiary, Monty’s Bakehouse UK Limited (Monty’s Bakehouse) specialises in product and packaging innovation, producing tasty and sustainably packaged handheld snacks that are distributed to premium airlines and other customer segments around the world. 

Combining our culinary expertise with an award-winning team of branding, packaging design and culinary development specialists, we offer customisable turnkey food-service solutions to customers across the region. 

Our innovation centres in the UK and Singapore allow us to develop and testbed innovative food product and packaging solutions that potentially reduce cost, waste and logistical complexities while using minimal plastics.

Hot Boxes

Frozen Food Products

Operating one of Singapore’s largest cold storage facilities spanning 35,000 cubic metres, we handle and distribute thousands of dried, chilled and frozen food products from around the world. 

Equipped with an extensive fleet of specialised vehicles, ISO 9001:2008 certified warehousing and delivery systems, and an advanced Order Management System, our products are packed and delivered in line with stringent quality and food safety standards. 

SATS BRF staff loading frozen meat for distribution