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  • CT2207P055

    Replacement of HT Switchgear and Associated Works at 22kV Switch Room at Core N Level 6 and Core M Main Substation.


    Cargo Technical & Catering Plant (Non-Food) Equipment Building & Property Services
  • CW2206Q468

    Repair and replacement of Roller Shutter Doors http://discovery.ariba.com/rfx/13416224


    Last updated on 05 Jul 2022

    Building & Facilities Management
  • CW2206T455

    Request for Quotation for Design for Safety Professional (DfSP) Service


    Building & Property Services Building & Facilities Management
  • CW2206Q420

    Consultant and Project Manager for SATS Coolport refurbishment


    Last updated on 18 Jul 2022

  • CT2205P050

    Provision of Service Crew for Cabin Services at SATS Inflight Catering Centre 1 and 2 from 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2025 (With an Option for 2 more years)


    Last updated on 08 Jun 2022

    Tenders type Tenders categories
  • CW2205Q381

    212Pandan Loop Lvl3 Offices Design n Build with CAT B Fit-Out


    Last updated on 30 May 2022

    Building & Property Services Building & Facilities Management
  • CT2205W049

    SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE OF AIR-TUGS FOR PERIOD 01 July 2022 TO 30 June 2025 [WITH AN OPTION FOR EXTENSION OF UP TO 3 YEARS] The Contractor is to provide preventive and corrective maintenance services (“Work”) to SAS’ fleet of Air-tugs.


    Gateway Services GSE Maintenance Services Labour Supply & Services External Labour Apron Services
  • CT2205P037

    Transportation of Passengers from the Passenger Terminal Buildings to the Remote Parking Bays & Vice Versa from 01 July 2022 to 30 June 2024 (With an Option for 1 More Year)


    Last updated on 20 May 2022

    Tenders categories Commercial Services & Transport Services
  • CW2205Z332

    Preventive maintenance and first line maintenance for eCommerce Airhub for period of 5 years (With option to extend for 2 years)


    Last updated on 17 May 2022

    Industrial Equipment & Systems Cargo Technical & Catering Plant (Non-Food) Equipment Tenders type Tenders categories
  • CT2203W029

    Provision of technical crews for Loader and MDL Maintenance Period of 3years with option for another 2years


    GSE Maintenance Services Others - Miscellaneous Gateway Services External Labour Air Cargo
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