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Site Show Round: 3 Feb 2023 (Tuesday) 

AFT: 3rd February 2023, 1000 hrs – 1100 hrs

SMC: 3rd February 2023, 1430 hrs – 1530 hrs

Please send the name list to < suffian_jasman@sats.com.sg> for pass office clearance before the site show round date.

Tender Closing date : 13 February 2023, 1200 hrs (Singapore Time)

Kindly fill-up the registration form and send it to xiaojuan_chen@sats.com.sg.Please register your company standard free account on ARIBA and visit to participate/submit your Bid (quotes) for these thru the SATS ARIBA online platform. 

Tenderers are requested to download the Tender Documents from ARIBA and submit the tender bid at ARIBA. Tenderers must ensure that their bids are submitted though the SAP ARIBA platform by the specified tender closing date and time. All tender documents submitted, must be duly signed and stamped.

Project Brief 

This tender is to perform the refurbishment and waterproofing works to the roofs of the building structures within SATS Maintenance Centre (SMC) and Airfreight Terminals (AFT). Please take note that the works have to be completed by 31st September 2023. 

Enquiries for this tender can be made to:

SATS Suffian/ (65) 96320413 / Suffian_Jasman@sats.com.sg

Ariba Vendor Registration Form