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Request for quotation for an Interior Design Consultancy services for two (2) years at SATS Ltd (SATS) properties. The appointed Consultant shall provide interior design services for Addition & Alterations (A&A) works within SATS group of companies that may include our various business entities and Joint-Ventures within Singapore. 

The scope of work for the appointed Consultant is divided into two components namely the Design Stage and the Implementation Stage. A Purchase Order (PO) will be issued based on the quoted fees when the services are required. 

Deadline for submission of your Expression of Interest: 22 July 2022, Friday, 12noon

RFQ closing date : 29 July 2022, Friday, 12Noon.  

For both your company's Expression of Interest (to participate) and for your company's registration into the SATS ARIBA hub; We require your tabulated company details via the "Ariba Vendor Registration Form" to yingying_chan@sats.com.sg  as an attachment in an email.

Please register your company for the standard free account on ARIBA and visit to participate/submit your Bid (quotes) for these thru the SATS ARIBA online platform. 


Ariba Vendor Registration Form

CW2207T513 Interior Design Consultant Services for SATS Properties for the period of 2 Years