Tackling Waste Collaboratively with OCBC Bank

SATS has a vital role to play in encouraging the adoption
of more sustainable practices across the industry and supply chain.

As SATS expands our geographic reach, we remain committed to replicating our Sustainability initiatives globally to deliver greater community impact. Our customers look to us as a strategic partner, and we will do our utmost to treat waste in the right manner and meet our goal of halving food waste intensity by 2028 and introducing 100% sustainable food packaging by 2030.

In October 2022, Enexor BioEnergy, a manufacturer of renewable energy and carbon conversion solutions in the United States, and Singapore-based TRIA, a sustainable and innovative foodware company, have emerged as the winners of the inaugural OCBC Sustainability Innovation Challenge. This year marked the inaugural edition of the Challenge with SATS being the first Challenge Owner.

Congratulations to Enexor BioEnergy and TRIA for showcasing the most compelling and scalable waste management solutions.

Between 4Q2022 and 1Q2023, Enexor BioEnergy and TRIA will begin piloting their winning solutions with us, with a view to eventually scale these solutions across our network of operations.


Lin Qing Yao, Close-The-Loop Manager, TRIA; Bryan Sim, Sales Director, TRIA; and Spencer Low, Chief Data and Sustainability Officer at SATS

Enexor BioEnergy won with their pitch to install their proprietary Bio-CHP™ system – an organic waste-fuelled micro-turbine – to treat onsite waste, including plastics and biomass at SATS’ catering operations in Singapore.

The solution would convert organic and plastic waste into renewable electricity generation and thermal energy.

Working collaboratively with the winning teams and OCBC Bank, the SATS team is eager to test the innovative solutions in our real-life operations.

TRIA won with their closed-loop catering solution. TRIA’s pilot will see it recycling both the packaging and food scraps – with no segregation needed.

The pilot will involve the development of packaging using TRIA’s proprietary NEUTRIA® technology, and the fabrication of a Rapid Depolymerisation Module which will treat food and packaging waste, enabling it to be transformed into fertiliser and energy.


Media Briefing at OCBC Bank, 10 October 2022. Lee Jestings, Founder and CEO of Enexor BioEnergy, attended virtually from the US.