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Driving sustainability across our business

The world we live in today is developing at an incredible pace, with advancements in technology dramatically transforming the way we live, work and operate.

Across industries, there is a need to drive more viable growth in a way that enables economies as well as ecosystems to thrive.

At SATS, our sustainability pillars provide a guiding framework across all aspects of our business while our sustainability goals keep us focused on tangible ways in which we can make a real and lasting difference.

Our Sustainability Pillars


Nourishing Communities

Harnessing our culinary innovation and technical expertise to provide better, more nutritious food from sustainable sources to improve the health and well-being of our communities and ecosystems.


Connecting People

Ensuring seamless connections for passengers and cargo every day, while empowering communities and our people to fulfil their fullest potential, we embrace technology, digitalisation and change.


Treasuring Resources

Enhancing our operational efficiencies and reducing our carbon footprint and waste, while shifting to renewable and sustainable sources of energy, water and raw materials to lessen the impact our business has on the environment.

Our Sustainability Goals

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Nourishing Communities

Our 2030 goals:

Make healthy food affordable by using healthy ingredients, providing customers with healthy choice options and nutritional information on inflight meals.

Tackle food wastage by halving food wastage in all operations from a 2018 baseline.

Ensure supply chain is sustainable by making sure that 100% of fish and palm oil originate from certified sustainable sources.

Uphold food safety by establishing a food supply chain for 100% of high-risk products traceable to origin.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:

2 zero hunger 3 Good health and well-being
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Connecting People

Our 2030 goals:

Ensure seamless connections by achieving a high score on seamless connectivity passenger and cargo experience, going 100% paperless and practising zero tolerance towards security breaches.

Grow with SATS by providing employees with 80 hours of training per year, filling 30% of key positions with internal transfers, achieving 40% female representation at senior management level, and scoring 80% on employee engagement.

Safeguard operational safety by achieving 50% reduction in accident frequency, lost man-days and ergonomic injuries. To develop a fully digitalised safety management system accessible worldwide.

Empower communities by working with SATS Foundation to touching 4 million lives through social and community investments that impart our expertise, enabling people to fulfil their fullest potential.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:

8 decent work and economic growth
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Treasuring Resources

Our 2030 goals:

Use scarce resources efficiently by achieving 100% wastewater treatment, using 50% recycled water for non-food use and using sustainable food packaging.

Reduce emissions by employing 100% electric ground handling equipment, achieving 40% energy usage from renewable sources in SATS-owned buildings and 80% reduction in our carbon footprint.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:

12 responsible consumption and production 13 climate action
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Our Sustainability Governance Structure

Building a sustainable business requires a collective, coordinated effort across all levels of the organisation from leaders to individual employees. Our Sustainability Governance structure defines the Accountable and Responsible drivers of SATS sustainability programmes under the three key pillars.

SATS Sustainability Governance Structure


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