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SATS 47th Annual General Meeting

Minutes of 47th AGM held on 24 September 2020

We thank all shareholders for their interest in our 47th AGM. We have uploaded Minutes of AGM below and on the SGX website.

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AGM 2020 Documents

  1. Announcement on SATS AGM 2020 (500KB)
  2. Notice of SATS AGM dated 26 August 2020 (150KB)
  3. Letter to Shareholders 2020 (686KB)
  4. Letter to Shareholders 2019 (214KB)
  5. SATS Proxy Form (168KB)
  6. SATS Annual Report FY2019-20 (7.47MB)
  7. FAQs on SATS AGM 2020 (385KB)
  8. Notification to Shareholders (88KB)
  9. Responses to Substantial and Relevant Questions from Shareholders (357KB)
  10. PCEO Presentation for AGM 2020 (951KB)
  11. PCEO Presentation for AGM 2020 Transcript (223KB)
  12. Resolutions passed at SATS 47th AGM (102KB)
  13. Minutes of AGM (new) (37KB)

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