My Job at SATS: I partner with schools to provide balanced, healthy meals

My Job at SATS: I partner with schools to provide balanced, healthy meals

Phoebe wears two hats: one as a mom to two bright-eyed primary schoolers and another as an Account Manager for EduCare Catering at SATS, Asia’s leading food solutions provider. In both roles, she shares a common concern with countless parents: what do kids like hers eat at school?


Phoebe Teh, Key Account Manager, SATS EduCare, Commercial Catering

Children eat at least one school meal a day on most days of the week, with their parents often in the dark about what they feed those little tummies daily. But with childhood obesity rates on the rise, the conversation on nutritious school meals has never been more relevant.

Long before joining SATS Catering, Phoebe was deeply curious about the meals sold at school canteens, especially whether or not they meet the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme (HMSP) guidelines.

“Being a mom myself, I share every parent’s concern. We all want what’s best for our kids,” Phoebe shares. Now that she’s part of SATS as an Account Manager for EduCare Catering, Phoebe is at the forefront of ensuring that kids receive wholesome meals during mealtimes.

Striking a balance


The EduCare Team busy preparing meals to be delivered to schools

As the leading food solutions provider in Asia, SATS supplies not only airlines but also various institutions in Singapore through SATS Food Services (SFS). SFS encompasses diverse departments such as Defence Catering, Sports Catering, and Commercial Catering, which serves Healthcare, EduCare, and Business and Industries.

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The EduCare Catering Team, comprised of chefs, dietitians, and kitchen staff, is in full swing, churning out over 40,000 school meals per term, offering students a daily selection of over 11 menu items, each meticulously crafted to meet HMSP guidelines.

To empower students and parents alike, SATS uses a pre-order system, allowing customers to plan meals in advance. This not only grants students autonomy over their food choices but also keeps their parents in the loop.


Some of the menu items that students can choose from

“SATS ensures that each meal is prepared using stringent safety and hygiene protocols,” Phoebe assures.

She also leads focus group discussions and surveys to gather firsthand insights from students and parents. These insights inform the team's regular menu refresh. Every suggestion is considered, with the team evaluating and exploring ways to incorporate preferences and at the same time ensuring alignment with the HMSP guidelines.

“At the end of the day, we want kids to enjoy their school meals whilst getting the nutrients they need for their growth and development,” Phoebe emphasises.

Innovation in EduCare Catering

With a proud smile, Phoebe showcases SATS’ innovative approach to school meals. She walks us through the pre-order system and a state-of-the-art contactless meal dispenser.


One of the contactless meal dispensers used by EduCare Catering

“These technologies revolutionise the kids’ school meal experience, making it more convenient,” she shares.

With a single tap of a card, students effortlessly retrieve their pre-ordered meals. Not only does this slash queueing times by about 50%, but it also gives students precious extra moments to socialise with their friends during their break.

Feedback and reflections

As the lunchtime rush subsides and we observe the students slowly going back to their classrooms, Phoebe takes a moment to reflect on the impact of her job. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see children enjoying nutritious meals,” she shares with a warm smile.

For Phoebe, her responsibilities extend far beyond numbers and contracts. It’s about building meaningful relationships with school leaders and fostering a supportive environment for healthier school meals.

She believes that when school leaders, parents, and students come together, they can create a ripple of empowering change at least to the way school lunches are served.

To parents, Phoebe extends a heartfelt invitation: “Let’s work together to nourish our children’s minds and bodies.” And to the students, her message is simple: “Eat well to learn well.”

Phoebe recognises that the journey towards healthier school meals is ongoing. Alongside the competent dietitians and chefs of the SATS EduCare Catering Team, she is determined to make a difference, one school meal at a time.


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