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My Journey at SATS: From intern to team player

My Journey at SATS: From intern to team player

Sure, choosing a career might be straightforward, but ensuring each step you take is aligned with your ideal path? That’s a different story. Just ask Kevin Ling, Passenger Services Executive at SATS Asia-Pacific Star (APS).

Kevin joined as an intern in January 2023. As someone who has always wanted an aviation career, he planned to commence his exposure to the industry with an internship at an airline company. But sometimes life opens different doors.


Kevin Ling, Passenger Services Executive, SATS Asia-Pacific Star

SATS Asia-Pacific Star is an airline services provider known for handling low-cost carriers at Changi Airport. Joining SATS APS is not exactly aligned with Kevin’s career goals. However, when his internship ended, he decided to take on a full-time role with the same company.

“It fits like a missing puzzle piece,” Kevin realises, now with a wider understanding of how airport partners like SATS APS play an integral part in aviation.

SATS Asia-Pacific Star

Part of the SATS Group, SATS Asia-Pacific Star is synonymous with low-cost airline handling. Yet, its scope extends beyond budget carriers.

“Low-cost carriers are our bread and butter,” Kevin explains, “but we are also specialists in narrow-body aircraft ramp handling, which covers traditional airlines, too.”

Above-the-wing services include customer-facing solutions, such as check-in, arrival, and departure handling. Meanwhile, below-the-wing solutions involve ramp and baggage handling. SATS APS also has a dedicated team that guarantees a robust onboard retail experience for food and beverages as well as duty-free shopping.

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Kevin’s role as a Passenger Services Executive puts him as the go-to person for a handful of airline clients and their respective customer-facing operations.

Passenger handling

Handling hundreds to thousands of airport travellers daily presents a diverse set of challenges. Kevin ensures their team of passenger services associates are equipped to handle any situation, from flight delays to cancellations.

“It’s not always smooth sailing,” Kevin acknowledges. “In today’s world of instant feedback, one unhappy passenger can make waves online.”

Yet, Kevin approaches each challenge as an opportunity to forge meaningful connections. He recalls an experience where he was able to resolve a misunderstanding between passengers. “It reminds me of the impact my role can have on other people’s journey,” he reflects.

Different days, different challenges


The Passenger Services Team at work in one of Changi Airport’s terminals

Kevin’s job is challenging but it is also dynamic. “It’s one great thing about being a Passenger Services Executive at SATS APS,” he starts. “I can move around and see different things. No two days are the same in this line of work,” Kevin adds.

On a certain day, Kevin and the Passenger Services Team do not know what the day will bring. They may face some flight hiccups, unpleasant passengers, or some emergencies.

It sounds stressful, doesn’t it? A secret weapon the Passenger Team has is flexibility. Understanding that every day brings new needs and expectations, they remain open and adaptable to industry nuances.

To thrive and excel

The essence of Kevin’s role lies in fostering relationships – not only with passengers but also with airline partners and internal teams. Clear communication and teamwork are paramount in doing his role well.

“Communication is key,” Kevin underscores. “Whether it’s liaising with airline representatives to address operational issues or collaborating with my colleagues, cohesion is essential.”

For Kevin, starting each workday with a clear understanding of their objective is the most important step. “The goal of the whole team is to ensure that we meet the standards that our client expects of us,” Kevin highlights.

While the future remains uncertain, Kevin is sure about one thing: “I want to learn as much as I can.” The challenges of tomorrow will differ, but his drive to expand his knowledge in the aviation industry remains a guiding force in Kevin’s journey with SATS APS.


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