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Meet Kang, an instructor shaping the future of cargo handling at SATS

Meet Kang, an instructor shaping the future of cargo handling at SATS

Kang Tse Kwee is not your average cargo instructor. He is a pillar at SATS Cargo whose journey transcends the ordinary.

Clad in his signature blue long-sleeved shirt and black slacks, Kang exudes a unique blend of fatherly warmth and an authoritative presence, making him more than just an instructor but a mentor revered by all. At SATS Cargo, he is simply known as “Kang” -- a name synonymous with respect and admiration.


Kang Tse Kwee, Instructor at SATS Cargo, in his classroom where trainees learn the ropes of cargo handling

His classroom is not your typical learning space either. It is adorned with aviation posters and an assortment of props, where the next generation of cargo handlers at SATS receive their training.

Let’s get to know Kang, an instructor, a mentor, and a guide with over four decades of cargo wisdom under his belt.

A journey across borders and roles

Kang's journey with SATS Cargo started in 1982 when he joined as an Operations Assistant. Fast forward 41 years, and he has seen it all – from spearheading operations in China to setting up operations in Hong Kong and dealing with the crisis in Doha.

Over the years, his role evolved as he navigated various positions and confronted unique challenges. But Kang's mantra didn’t change: “Every day is a learning day.”

Kang’s dedication to continuous learning extends beyond personal growth; it’s a philosophy he imparts to his students. Throughout his years at SATS Cargo, Kang has been known to step forward when no one else would. To him, knowledge, once gained, becomes a valuable asset. “Keep the knowledge in your pocket; you never know when you’re going to need it,” he shares.

A treasure chest of knowledge


SATS takes meticulous care when handling dangerous goods

Kang's impact as a cargo instructor stretches beyond the confines of the classroom. His teachings encompass everything – from cargo operations to intricate handling of dangerous goods.

But what sets Kang apart from other trainers is his commitment to lifelong learning. He actively sharpens his Mandarin language skills by reading a Chinese newspaper daily. Understanding that many of his students learn best with Mandarin as their medium of instruction, Kang is determined to provide them with a more effective and inclusive learning environment.

The world of cargo

Among the first lessons that Kang imparts is the importance of adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs, he emphasises, form the backbone of cargo handling, ensuring safety, security, and efficiency.


A cargo assistant at SATS processes cargo boxes in the warehouse

But cargo handling, as Kang reveals, is more than just dealing with boxes and packages of goods. In his classroom, students explore the nuances of handling live animals, storing pharmaceuticals, and respectfully shipping human remains.

If there’s one takeaway from this story, it’s that Kang transcends the role of an instructor. He is a symbol of expertise and mentorship, and his classroom is a place where learning is celebrated. He is a guiding force shaping the future of cargo handling at SATS, one lesson at a time.


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