My Job at SATS: I specialise in the safe handling of dangerous goods cargo

My Job at SATS: I specialise in the safe handling of dangerous goods cargo

Aeroplanes are not just for ferrying passengers; they are bustling hubs for cargo, including shipments of dangerous goods. Each year, over 1.25 million of these shipments are processed by specialists, like the SATS Cargo Dangerous Goods Operations Team.

Meet Sathish, the Duty Manager in charge of keeping things smooth in the warehouse where hazardous materials are stored.


Sathish Kumar, Duty Manager for Dangerous Goods Operations (SATS Cargo)

His journey in this role started with a fascination for airports, leading him to SATS in 2019 through a Work-Study Diploma Programme. Rising from an exemplary specialist to becoming the Duty Manager, Sathish has earned praises from his supervisor and accolades like the Employee of the Month Award.

Hazards in cargo operations

Rather than sweating over the words “dangerous” and “hazardous,” Sathish thrives on the adrenaline of his job. “In Dangerous Goods Operations, it’s like solving a puzzle every day,” he explains. “I love the challenge.”


Sathish inspecting accepted cargo with dangerous goods

Dangerous goods span various materials posing risks to health, safety, property, or the environment, each with its own rulebook for safe handling.

Even seemingly harmless items like hand sanitisers or spray paint can turn hazardous when airborne. That’s why ensuring their safe transport demands keen attention to detail and strict safety measures, all actively managed by Sathish together with other duty managers at SATS Cargo.

Safety first at SATS Cargo


Two of Sathish’s colleagues inspecting a cargo containing dangerous goods

At SATS Cargo, the Dangerous Goods Operations team consists of licenced professionals who stay updated with regular refresher courses. “We are dealing with lives and property. Staying vigilant is a must,” Sathish stresses. Their eagle eyes even spot undeclared dangerous goods amidst routine cargo checks.

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Inside the warehouse, handling hazardous materials is a meticulous process. From inspection to labelling and storage, every move follows strict protocols. Cold rooms for dry ice and dedicated compartments for radioactive items ensure everything is in its place.

“Safety is not just for the goods, it’s for our team, too,” Sathish notes. The team always suits up in their personal protective equipment, like safety vests and shoes, and stays ready for emergencies such as fire or chemical spillage.

Finding fulfilment in safeguarding cargo


One of the Dangerous Goods Storage Areas at the warehouse

Despite the hustle, Sathish enjoys the thrill of problem-solving. “Every day brings a unique challenge,” he says. “It’s my chance to make a difference.”

For those aspiring to join the Dangerous Goods Operations Team, Sathish advises, “Stay curious and meticulous – safety depends on it.”

The Dangerous Goods Operations Team, led by folks like Sathish, deserves commendation for their commitment to ensuring that hazardous materials reach their destination safely, protecting lives, health, property, and the environment every step of the way.


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