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My Job at SATS: I oversee the preparation of fancy meals for private jet passengers

My Job at SATS: I oversee the preparation of fancy meals for private jet passengers

If you’ve ever wondered who whips up the fancy meals for the crème de la crème of passengers travelling in private jets or chartered flights, you’re in for a treat.

Meet Dineshkumaran Ravi, Catering Supervisor for Private Jet Production at SATS Catering. Dinesh joined as a Catering Assistant in 2017 and soon moved up to become a Catering Officer. Recently, he was promoted to Catering Supervisor, embracing more responsibilities in making sure the private jet catering operations run smoothly.


Dineshkumaran Ravi, Catering Supervisor for Private Jet Production, SATS Catering

But here’s the twist – Dinesh didn’t know all about the private jet business when he first joined SATS. He was working in a hotel when the opportunity knocked at his door. As someone who intends to continuously upgrade himself, he made the leap into a new role.

Fast forward five years and Dinesh has grown to love his job, finding joy and fulfilment in his unexpected journey to the SATS kitchens.

Fancy aspects of the job

Dinesh’s role is all about preparing meals for private jet owners, including royalties and high-profile personalities. From catering feasts fit for royalty to catering to official state visits, the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, and the Singapore Airshow, Dinesh revels in the chance to rub shoulders with VIPs, celebrities (even his favourite football player!), and the high-flyers.

He points out the invaluable learning opportunities that come with his role. Despite the bigger responsibilities he holds as a Catering Supervisor compared to his time in a hotel kitchen, Dinesh admits his preference for his current job. “I constantly learn in this job. My conversation and problem-solving skills have flourished,” he shares.

The collaborative spirit within the SATS Catering kitchens is another culture that resonates with Dinesh. When faced with a sizable order – like preparing 270 meals for a chartered flight carrying a sultan – the entire team, from chefs to operation assistants and officers, came together for a bustling three-day preparation. This camaraderie is something Dinesh values deeply in his role and the SATS' culture.

Navigating turbulent times

Even the private jet industry wasn't immune to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Flights dwindled, high-flyers couldn’t travel as often, and the team found itself on a different mission – serving hospitals and the military.

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Dinesh and the team were transferred to other kitchens to help with meal assembly for other institutions in Singapore. “We became like an all-around catering team,” Dinesh recalls. They were merged with other departments until the private jet flight volumes returned to pre-Covid levels. This experience reinforced the need for flexibility in Dinesh’s role at SATS Catering.

Another challenge they face is the delays in the kitchen. Dinesh admits that this hurdle stresses him out. “We need to wait for all the food items before we commence packing,” he explains. Yet, in the face of such situations, teamwork has been the secret recipe. “We go in and extend a helping hand to get the meals out on time,” he adds.

A day in the kitchen


The team coordinates with ground handlers and flight crew for meal orders

Dinesh starts his day by delving into flight schedules, coordinating with ground handlers, and ensuring upcoming flights for the day are organised. From reviewing schedules to settling orders, he ensures everything is in place.

“First, we need to check our boards and review the flights we need to manage for the day, followed by checking the list of flights and requirements for tomorrow. In every shift, we settle the flights a day in advance,” Dinesh says, describing the routine that keeps their team on track.

For Dinesh, the most crucial skill required to become a part of the Private Jet Catering Team is problem-solving. With distinct and last-minute requirements from their elite clientele, quick thinking is essential to fulfilling reasonable requests and ensuring a seamless, if not memorable, dining experience for the high-flyers.

If you believe you have the skills to join Dinesh and the team, rest assured – a warm welcome awaits you in SATS Catering.


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