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Empowering the next generation of security professionals: SATS and ITE Work Study Diploma

Empowering the next generation of security professionals: SATS and ITE Work Study Diploma

In a world where safety and security are paramount, SATS Security Services (SATS Security) forged a collaboration with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to introduce a Work-Study Diploma programme that opens doors to an exciting career in security.

This year, five Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) trainees get the privilege of earning a Diploma in Security Operations while gaining hands-on experience in the field of aviation security.


{L-R} CPL (APF) Nur Izaffi Binte Abdullah, CPL (APF) Nafsiah Binti Razali, SGT (APF) Exequiel Grant Nagnal, CPL (APF) Siti Nadiah Binte Rahudin, CPL (APF) Fardina Binte Zailan – SATS Security Services

Meeting the trailblazers

We chatted with the trainees, where they shared a glimpse of their journey thus far. Each with their unique backgrounds and motivations, they share a common goal: pursuing a career in security.

For CPL (APF) Fardina Binte Zailan, the security industry offers an exciting departure from the monotonous office jobs she previously experienced. “I've always been fascinated with working in a role that allows me to explore and be active," she expressed.

CPL (APF) Nafsiah Binti Razali, meanwhile, had previously worked with children with special needs. Seeking a fresh challenge, she embraced the opportunity to break gender stereotypes in the security industry. "I wanted to challenge myself and be in this line, to defy the misconception that security is primarily for older individuals and a specific gender," she remarked.

Two months into the programme made the participants realise that being an auxiliary police officer is a multifaceted role requiring strength, adaptability, and a commitment to serve, regardless of age and gender.


CPL (APF) Fardina Binte Zailan and CPL (APF) Nafsiah Binti Razali

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Benefits of the Work-Study Diploma

The Work-Study Diploma in Security Operations offers the participants a host of benefits. Not only do they acquire a diploma, but they also receive a competitive salary and have their school fees covered by SATS Security.

CPL (APF) Siti Nadiah Binte Rahudin enthusiastically summed up the advantages they get: "The best part is that I get to earn and study simultaneously. It’s a win-win for my personal and professional growth.”

With a firm focus on nurturing young talents, the Work-Study Diploma equips trainees with the essential skills, knowledge, and professional attributes needed to excel in managing security operations.

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Throughout the programme, the participants are immersed in a comprehensive curriculum that hones their skills in various areas of security operations. From mastering the art of behaviour analysis and profiling to understanding the intricacies of human interactions and identifying potential threats, trainees emerge as well-rounded professionals ready to tackle the challenges of aviation security.
The Work-Study Diploma allows them to attend school every Tuesday and training sessions at SATS Security for the rest of the week. At SATS Security, they undergo intensive training sessions, including police combat tactics and weapon handling. They are also introduced to industry-specific courses, such as handling dangerous goods and X-Ray inspection systems, that deepen their understanding of security operations at the airport.
Upon completion of the three-month programme, the participants will be deployed to work on various assignments. SGT (APF) Exequiel Grant Nagnal S/O Kalai Chelvan, who served in the police force during his National Service, recognised the long-term advantages of the programme. "By the end of two years, in comparison to full-time students, I will not only have a diploma, but I will also have more than two years of working experience," he explained.


CPL (APF) Siti Nadiah Binte Rahudin and SGT (APF) Exequiel Grant Nagnal

Moreover, the Work-Study Diploma in Security Operations opens doors to an extensive array of future career prospects, including leadership roles such as Operations Manager, Security Supervisor, Chief Security Supervisor, and Associate Security Consultant. The possibilities are endless, and participants are sure to become well-prepared to embark on their chosen career path.

CPL (APF) Nur Izaffi Binte Abdullah, for instance, shared her ambition of becoming part of the security team within a correctional setting, highlighting the transferable skills she will get through the programme. "Having this diploma is versatile... I can put the skills I learnt into my work," she explained.

Navigating the path to success

The journey of these trainees is not without its challenges. Balancing academic responsibilities and hands-on training is not an easy feat, but their resilience and dedication shine through.

“We want to excel in our assessments, so we strive to stay on top of our learning every single day,” Nafsiah confessed. However, for the APO trainees, the fast-paced nature of the training builds their resilience and dedication, pushing them to constantly adapt. “It’s challenging, but I like it,” Fardina added.

It also fosters a supportive community amongst themselves. United by their shared passion and goal, the trainees have formed a cohesive team. "The friendship here is wonderful. We communicate freely and work as a team, and the senior officers are approachable,” Exequiel described.

Together, they navigate the demands of the programme, supporting and cheering for one another every step of the way.


SATS Security-ITE Work-Study Diploma trainees reminiscing about a recent training session

Empowering the next generation

As they reflect on their experiences, the trainees recognise the pivotal role security professionals play in shaping Singapore’s future. The evolving nature of the security industry demands fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

The new generation of dedicated security personnel ensures Singapore has a strong blanket of protection from security threats. With a hope for enhanced collaboration between the participating institutions, Nafsiah concluded, “We believe we will be armed with the most relevant knowledge and skills that align with industry requirements.”

Join the journey

As our conversation came to a close, the participants shared their hope that more individuals seize this work-study diploma opportunity as a stepping stone to a fulfilling and dynamic career in security.

Exequiel shared, “If you want to serve the nation and further your studies after your National Service, this programme is a perfect opportunity.”

Fardina, meanwhile, offered a piece of empowering advice on behalf of her female colleagues: “Believe in yourself and break the gender stereotypes. Your unique perspectives and abilities are needed in this field.”

Just as we were heading out of the SATS Security office, we had the pleasure of running into Ramanathan Rajamani, CEO at SATS Security Services. Brimming with optimism for the five work-study diploma participants, Ramanathan expressed his hope for them to become an integral part of the security industry. He stated, “This SATS Security and ITE Work-Study Diploma opens doors for a fresh cohort of security professionals to embark on a transformative journey, shaping not only their lives but also contributing to the safety and security of Singapore.”


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