Heart at SATS: Vincent’s Volunteering Journey with SATS Staff Association

Heart at SATS: Vincent’s Volunteering Journey with SATS Staff Association

Isn’t it remarkable how some people manage to fit volunteer work into their already-packed schedules?

Meet Vincent, a Senior Technical Officer at SATS Cargo, who has dedicated over two decades to volunteering with the SATS Staff Association (SSA).


Vincent Teo, Senior Technical Officer, SATS Cargo

Behind the coveralls

On a typical weekday, Vincent dons his yellow coveralls, supporting the team that ensures smooth machinery operations at Changi Airfreight Terminals. With 36 years (and counting) under his belt, Vincent relishes the chance to fulfil his passion for machine maintenance and simultaneously give back to the community.

On most Saturday mornings, whilst many of us would choose to sleep in, Vincent slips into his SSA shirt, preparing to do community service.

“I realised that there are a lot of people who need help, and I am in a position to lend it to them,” Vincent says. “Doing it through SATS makes it even more meaningful.”


Vincent ready for volunteer work with SATS Staff Association

SATS Staff Association

Founded in 1979, the SATS Staff Association is a grassroots organisation dedicated to promoting corporate volunteerism within SATS.

Through many initiatives, SSA provides avenues for employees to make a tangible contribution to the community. Whether through monthly financial contributions or active participation in volunteer projects, members get many opportunities to take part in meaningful causes.

Vincent’s volunteering adventures

Vincent has joined countless volunteering activities with SSA, each leaving him with happy memories. Even though he may not be able to recall every single event, one stands out. It was the day they visited a children’s cancer centre, spending hours playing with the kids.

“The sound of the kids’ laughter and seeing their smiles – it was priceless,” Vincent warmly recalls.


Marathon for a cause (or charity run) is one of the initiatives by SSA

As someone who keeps himself physically fit, Vincent also eagerly volunteers for charity runs organised by SSA. From 2016 to 2019, he participated in the SATS Charity Run, contributing to a collective effort of a thousand other runners that raised an astounding $700,000 for Assisi Hospice.

For Vincent, being a volunteer is more than just monetary donations, it’s about opening one’s heart. Hence, whenever SSA needs volunteers and his schedule permits, you can count on him to roll up his sleeves and get involved.

Building connections through service

Beyond giving back, volunteering has become a bridge for Vincent to connect with colleagues from other SATS departments.

“I’ve made friends with volunteers from all corners of SATS,” Vincent shares. “It’s incredible to learn about the different roles and the extent of services we offer.”

Besides networking, Vincent appreciates the opportunity to learn new skills. For instance, through volunteering, he has gained knowledge on how to properly assist individuals with reduced mobility.

Inspiring others to serve

Vincent’s commitment to volunteering hasn’t gone unnoticed. He expresses gratitude to his supportive supervisor, who always encourages them to participate in volunteering programmes. Vincent, in turn, seizes every chance to encourage his colleagues.

“I may be just one volunteer, but together with my colleagues, we can achieve so much,” he remarks. “It’s inspiring to see the ripple effect of kindness spreading through SATS.”


SSA volunteers from various departments at SATS who came together for a food packing session

Vincent tries his best to participate in as many SSA events as possible, finding fulfilment in knowing he has made a difference in his little way. “The tiredness is nothing compared to the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve helped someone,” Vincent declares.

“It’s a privilege to serve with SSA, and I look forward to many more opportunities to make more people smile,” says Vincent as he replies to yet another SSA call for volunteers for the next food packing session.


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